PhD Projekte Wien:

  • David Novotny, PhD project: Devastated Landscapes
  • Andrea Rendl, PhD project: Public Health at the Eastern Front


Partner projects:

The following describes the Russian team, comprising of the PI’s contribution and the post-docs and the two PhD projects.

  • Dr. habil. Oxana Nagornaja, Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University (PI): Occupied landscapes and the impact of occupation on the environment

  • Dr. Yaroslav Golubinov, Samara National Research University (Post-doc): The environment as a battlefield: the militarization of the Eastern Front landscapes

  • Dr. Julia Zerdeva, Samara National Research University (Post-doc): Toxic heritage of the war: demilitarization of Eastern Front landscapes

  • Alexandra Likhacheva (PhD Yaroslavl): Man versus nature: perception of militarized landscapes in ego-documents and works of military specialists

Associated Scholars: